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The Crowd

Two pieces from a set I am currently working on entitled ‘The Crowd’.


Liquid Light

I wanted to capture the effect Newton noticed as light moved through the prism displaying the spectrum.  I was able to photograph the bubbles but due to lighting conditions I wasn’t able to get any satisfactory results so I started taking photographs of the bubble liquid itself.


My initial experiments with Shadow from everyday objects around the house.

JD Photograph

I sent the following photograph to the Jack Daniels Facebook website and was amazed at the response.  So far ive received 60 odd comments, all of which have been very favourable.  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/jackdanielsjdsetuk 

Heybridge Basin

A walk along the sea front.


Captured on New Years Eve, using a slow shutter speed & RAW.

Time – Lightning Streaks

I have been experimenting with light at night and the use of a slow shutter speed, whilst hanging out of my car window and gauging when to release the shutter on the camera.  I have produced some unusual and interesting results.