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Shutter speeds

I thought it would also be beneficial to gain a national qualification in Photography whilst doing my degree, and combine the skills that I learn with the degree studies. The first lesson was on shutter speeds which produced some ghostly affects which Im sure I will be able to use in my work.


The Crowd

Two pieces from a set I am currently working on entitled ‘The Crowd’.

Light in the dark

Experiment using slow shutter speeds, to create photographs in the dark.

WSD Exhibition Poster

man on fire

I was extremely pleased to find out that one of my photographs as been picked to represent the Art & Design show at Writtle college this year.  I will be selling some of my limited edition photographs at the show.  www.writtleart.org/show/where.html

Who am I?

With this set of photographs I have been looking at myself and the way in which the camera intrudes into personal space.  I have explored the use of light when photographing myself and the way in which lighting can instantly change the mood of a photograph.

The mirror photograph in particular indicates that I am separating myself from the world I live in and occupying a different world, a sense of estrangement.

The veil indicates that I wish to remain hidden, a sense of mystery and maybe hiding a multitude of stories.

Light, Smoke & Water

My exploration of using light within photography from different directions.  Photographs produced by lighting from the side of the object and from underneath.

Time stands still

For this set of photographs I wanted to explore the concept of time. Although a photograph captures a moment in time I will be looking to produce sets of photographs that explore different themes that are essentially about periods of time.
These photographs were taken when the silk worms were weaving their webs.  This only occurs for 2 weeks of the year.