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Documents of Life (3rd year study)

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To commence this year I have produced a short stop motion movie.

This stop motion movie is a retrospective on my life represented by the rock bands and their music that have influenced me from my teenage years through to today.

It starts in chronological order from when I was 13 with my first gig t-shirt through to my latest gig t-shirt this month. It also catalogues some of the music I was listening to through the years starting with LPs, then cassettes and finally CDs.

In my final year of study I will be exploring themes on the celebration of life and death. This film fits in nicely with this theme as it represents a celebration of my life so far through music which has always been a major influence on me. Rock has helped shape the person I am today through the rock (&) role models I have chosen, fellow rock fans I have chosen to socialise with and the types of rock clothes I have chosen to wear.

My love of rock music is a significant part of my identity and I have enjoyed creating this movie, looking back, reminiscing and reflecting on all of the groups I have had an appreciation for whilst growing up and the influences they have had on me. Not least of all I’m chuffed to bits that the t-shirts still fit – all 45 of them!


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