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CV & Artist Statement

Tracy Vine


Websites:  https://tracyvine.wordpress.com/



Artist’s Statement:

My life is a whirlwind. I rush from one thing to the next and not surprisingly everything passes me by in a blur. In complete contrast my art is considered, planned and often the result of many hours of research and experimentation.

My preferred medium at the moment is photography because it provides instant results. This might seem to contradict what I said above but photography allows me to experiment in many ways, using my observations, experiences, the unusual, making the use of everyday objects seem interesting, and I try to discover the hidden stories within them.

Academic Qualifications:

FdA Digital Art & Design Degree


May 2010 – Writtle College Design Week

I am taking part in the 2011 Chelmsford Arts Trail running from 10th – 18th September 2011 http://www.chelmsfordartstrail.com/2011/blog/?p=816


Dec 2010 – Commission of photographs on a new Company’s letterhead (D Ascott Associates).

Sept 2010 – Commission to use some of my photographs on a website:  http://www.angel-lifemanagement.co.uk


  • Work used to promote Writtle College  ‘Working for Us’ http://www.writtle.ac.uk/Benefits  
  • Designed a new way of donating and raising money for a local Children’s Charity by using a text-to-donate scheme.  Idea now up and running and working very successfully within the Charity.  My design has also been entered into a competition run by the Royal Society of Arts, London. 
  • Photograph used to represent Writtle College Design exhibition 2011. man on fire
  • Awarded the 2011 Writtle College University of Essex ‘Turner’ Prize for Innovation & Design.
  • Showing of current work for 2012 entitled ‘Different Backgrounds’ through Furtherfield Gallery, London.  http://www.furtherfield.org/your-art/different-backgrounds-photography-workshop
  • Photograph used to go on Album Cover.  

Art related employment:

  •  January 2011 – Co-facilitated a teachers’ Art Group Therapy Session day at a local primary school.
  • June – July 2011 – Co-facilitating a transition group for children going from Primary to Senior school.
  • June 2011 – Work experience at a Senior School working in the Art Department.

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